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That’s right! You can hire us by the hour to do remote services for you (ie long distant, not in person).

Our hourly rate is very fair at $85 per hr.

You can hire us for an hour or 10 but ultimately you are restricted by that time.

We will do any design or typesetting work you require from us and get done what we can get done in that 1 hour.

We do not complete a job if it extends past 1 hour and all you paid for was 1 hr.

You can ask for a quote of time or purchase what you think is needed for your job. Alternatively, you can purchase the 1 hr and buy more if it is needed.

Just at the same item to the cart multiple times if you require more than 1 hr.
Please email us to confirm our availability but generally when it comes to graphic design services we do make you a priority but do work around what clients we
have in the system already so some artwork may be delivered via email at odd hours of the night or day.



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